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Cranberry Chicken

A quick post here today; I am pleased to share a new recipe that I am pleased with myself for inventing…
I am also very pleased that my quick explanation of the first Thanksgiving went over so well with those to whom it was unfamiliar. Glad to help and I always enjoy hearing from all of you!

After many years of making my Cranberry Relish,

, and eating it as it is, as a side dish or with cereals, I got a sudden inspiration yesterday morning and ran with it. I present to you:

Cranberry Chicken

It is simple, you can use up left-over relish and left-over cranberry sauce. It makes an impressive presentation. It would also be a nice alternative on a Thanksgiving buffet, or a nice dinner the day or weekend after Thanksgiving…and if you are somewhere where you do not celebrate Thanksgiving…here you go! It is something a little fancier, but not any harder, than many recipes.

Give it a try; I think you’ll be pleased!

Cranberry Chicken (for two; feel free to easily multiply the ingredients for more)

2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts

3/4 cup recipe Cranberry Relish(prior post)

2 Tbsp. oil {corn, peanut, canola or olive,[not extra virgin]

4 Tbsp. canned jellied cranberry sauce

1 Tbsp liquid { orange juice, water or brandy, which I used (alcohol will cook off with heat)

1  cup prepared rice

Preheat oven to 375F

Baste the bottom and sides of a deep baking dish with the oil.

Cut carefully into the chicken breasts to make a pocket, cutting in the middle, but not in half. Fill the cavities with ¼ cup (each) of the Cranberry Relish; place in baking dish.(There should be some relish left over; set aside).

Mix the jellied cranberry sauce with the liquid to as smooth a thick liquid as possible. Baste the chicken breast with the mixture,(reserve some).

Cover the chicken and bake for about 25 minutes or until just cooked through.(Check for doneness; do not over or under cook). Remove the chicken from the oven and move to a shallow pan.

Add rice to the pan drippings.

Place the left-over relish on the top of each breast and spoon the remaining cranberry glaze mixture over the relish and exposed meat. Place under the oven broiler for about two minutes, watching that it does not burn or dry out.

Serve with the rice,(which is now infused with the cranberry baste  and chicken flavors), and vegetables of your choice.