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Mahi-mahi/Fish with Dirty Rice, Pasta, Potatoes

Judy,” Petit4Chocolatier” asked to see my Mahi-mahi recipe. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, “Mahi-mahi” means “very strong” in Hawaiian and it is a strong-flavored fish, although I would not say that the flavor is ‘fishy’. Although it does not taste the same, the type of flavor-strength is reminiscent of salmon’s flavor strength.
I will give you my recipe below, but not a picture. I had not be able to purchase Mahi-mahi where I live,(I used to make ‘food runs’ out of town to a bigger city), and I just hadn’t looked lately. When I did find it in frozen filets at the biggest supermarket here, I found that it is priced at $20.00 a pound! That is a bit steep for my budget this year…(I’m planning on winning the lottery next year.)
Below is a way that went over big when I was where I could get nice, fresh Mahi-mahi.
You can make this with any type of fish filets, which is in fact, what I do. I found that Mahi-mahi and broccoli go well together. You may substitute or add cauliflower, California-blend or Italian-style frozen vegetables, instead of cooking fresh.

Mahi-mahi, (again, like salmon) comes in filets, often with a thick skin on one side. If you choose to grill or bake it, leave the skin on; if you want to pan-fry the filets, remove it first. This is done by placing the fish skin-side-down on a flat cutting board or a counter covered with a towel,(so that it will not slip). Take the longest sharp knife you have. Slowly slice between the flesh and the skin. Hold the fish down with your fee hand and continue slicing through the fish. If you are less than confident in being able to judge, place the fish skin-side-up, and knick the corner between the flesh and the skin. Slowly and gently cut the skin away lifting the skin with your free hand. Be very careful so the knife does not slip and you cut yourself.

Fish with ‘Dirty Rice*’
1 lb fish filets (Mahi-mahi or?)
2 Tbsp. regular olive oil, peanut oil or other cooking oil
2 tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. Lemon juice (You can use Balsamic, Malt or other vinegar)
1 ½ Tbsp. butter
½ cup chopped green onions (or other onions, diced)
½ cup minced green peppers
1 ½ tsp. paprika
1 tsp. salt

2 cups prepared rice*[see footnote]

Rinse and dry filets; brown quickly in the oil and salt. [You may add other herbs or spices as you like. See “Lent/Easy Baked Fish” post for ideas.]
Remove the fish and drain the oil from the pan, but do not clean it. Add the butter, melt it and , using a spatula, pick up any bits of stuck fish. Add the lemon juice, onion, peppers, paprika and salt. Cook until the vegetables are translucent and tender. Add the broccoli or mixed vegetables. Fold in the rice and warm thoroughly. Place on platter and place fish over top.

I often make the ‘Dirty Rice*” and omit the mixed vegetables, or place them on the side. It rather depends on the type of fish, how big the pieces or if I have made them another way, or with more herbs and spices.

One way is :

Lemon –Pepper Fish

Fish filets, any type
Lemon juice
Pepper (preferably cracked or course-ground)

Melt butter in a pan,( the amounts of ingredients will vary depending on how much fish you will be cooking; use your best judgment)
add 2 tsp-1 ½ Tbsp (1/2 to 1 lb of fish) lemon juice
cook on med-high until bubbly and the lemon has reduced,(evaporated) somewhat
add the fish; salt and pepper it
cook it quickly until brown underneath and turn quickly. Cook until just done.(Time will vary by thickness of fish. “Done” will be when the flesh is completely opaque).
Remove the fish, keep warm and repeat with the recipe above for ‘Dirty Rice*, but omit lemon juice or vinegar.

* Note: Another twist is to use pasta, potatoes or couscous instead of rice.
I like to use/vegetable couscous or any type of small pasta instead of rice. Vegetable pastas, such as the tomato-carrot one picture above, adds more flavor and nutrition.
It is also tasty and easy to grab a bag of frozen ready-to-cook hash browns
potatoes ,
make your own potato cubes or to grate them and cook them in the
butter/pepper/onion mixture.

fish with pasta

I will leave you with one curious piece of information. Mahi-mahi is also called
“common dolphinfish”; but it is a true fish, not at all related to the animals we normally
call ‘dolphins’. It also has the name of “dorado” .
Unrelatedly, but curiously, the word “mahi” means “fish” in Persian.

Merry Christmas!/ Rice Puddings

Here I thought that I was ahead time-wise this year, but it got down to crunch time! Right now, it’s Christmas Eve about noon and I am scurrying…a second kind of rice pudding is on the stove, spaghetti sauce is cooking, there is a pumpkin pie in the oven and I am waiting for gelatin to cool so I can make chiffon, and the spinach dip will be next in order;(recipes soon).
There are actually some cookies left for tomorrow, but if I don’t get toffee made I will be in the outs with several family members, (including a daughter-in-law…we don’t want that!)

I came here just to wish all a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate it; it you don’t I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends!
We are celebrating the Birth of Christ in every way here.

I hate to post without at least one recipe. It may be too late for your plans this year, but since traditional Rice Pudding is a Christmas favorite in many places, surprise people by serving my alternate versions at other times. It would be wonderful for a New Year’s buffet, or any buffet, anytime, or as a side dish or dessert. The Pina Colada one is grand for warm weather served cold. (Perfect for you people in the Southern Hemisphere or where the weather is warmer).

Wow them any time at a pot-luck!

My version of ‘standard’ Rice Pudding puts a couple of new twists. Whereas traditional Rice Pudding is either loved or ignored, this will have the lovers leaping and may make a few converts for the dish. Both are gluten-free and can be made vegan.
Recipes may be halved for fewer servings, but surprisingly, these do freeze well. It’s nice to find them when you have the Isn’t–Winter-Over?-Blahs and need a little comfort food.

Rice Pudding

My Rice Pudding

3 cups of cooked regular rice [see August Archives]

2 ½-3 cups milk, (whole), almond or soy [for vegan]
(if using whole milk, you may need to add an extra ½ cup milk or opt, cream)

2/3 cup sugar or other sweetener, syrups, honey, mix and match; you can make adjustments by taste later (without honey, vegan)

1 cup currants (traditional: raisins)

2 tsp. ground nutmeg (traditional: cinnamon)

Heat milk, sweetener, currents and nutmeg to just boiling; (do not let it boil over!)

Reduce heat; add the rice. Stir completely. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 40 minutes, until it is thick and creamy. Taste and adjust for spice and sweetness. Serve warm or cold.

P-C Rice Pudding

Pina Colada Rice Pudding

I large can (or 2 small) pineapple tidbits, or other pineapple, chopped and drained,(reserve liquid)

2 cups coconut milk, (alternatives: almond or soy [vegan] or whole milk)

1/2 cup sugar,(preferably raw; options: white, syrup of choice,[vegan] or honey, mix and match; will be adjusted by taste later)

1 cup coconut,(I prefer sweetened)

3 cups cooked rice

[Optional: 1 Tbsp. Cream of Coconut]

Drain the pineapple, set aside.

Place the pineapple juice in a deep, heavy saucepan or medium pot, boil and reduce,(until it evaporates and condenses) to half the amount. Add the milk. It may very well curdle; that is not a problem. Add the sweetener and the coconut and bring just to simmering.

Add the rice, simmer for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally until it is thick and creamy. [Add Cram of Coconut, if using].Taste for sweetness and adjust.
I would say serve this one cold, but it was delicious warm last night; my husband ate half of I t,(no kidding, which is why I am also making the other version today!)

I wish you all the happiest of holidays! Peace in your hearts and Peace on Earth.