This blog  started out as a letter.It was supposed to be an answer to a plea from a woman whose family was tired of macaroni and cheese and tuna sandwiches during Lent.I found myself writing recipes, techniques and explaining far more than would ever fit in a note. In the following years, I taught many people how to feed their loved ones and guests, those who had special need and simply  how to entertain.When I entered into the food business, I expected to write a pamphlet, which in turn became the beginning of a book.

With the overwhelming numbers of celebrity chefs and just celebrities who have cookbooks on the market,I know that the likelihood of getting mine published is less than zero.The difference here is that my little blog will not ask you to put the flavor /herb/condiment of the year into  every recipe, I will not ask you to use duck breast or the like ,(as one celeb’s book does), nor will I expect you to intuitively know about techniques.  I want you to feel comfortable cooking real-people food for your family and to entertain in your home with  a flair and confidence. I want to show you how this can be done quickly and sometimes, even more quickly, as I offer alternatives.

So , please bear with me while I turn what was going to be a book into a blog. I beg you to please ask any questions and I am open for suggestions. I am here to help.

If you feel like joining a few writers having a good time, check out the blog I share on WordPress: Four Foxes, One Hound:


You might find a nice story from our lives, you often will find a laugh. Check us out!


[In addition, I would like to add that although I truly appreciate the camaraderie and warmth of the “awards” that make the rounds among we bloggers,I simply find myself without the time to participate.I am flattered and I care for my fellow-bloggers, my friends, and I hate to turn anyone down.I certainly do not ever want to avoid or ignore anyone who takes the time to read and respond to my posts, but with family and writing responsibilities,I find myself stretched even to post as much as I’d like on this blog.So, thank anyone who  is generous enough to ant me to receive and award and play along, but ,I must decline.Thank you for understanding.]


52 thoughts on “About

  1. agartha1952

    I absolutely love your comfort in the culinary field…your creativity as being a most professional hostess, and the tidbits about surprises that you ad…..I’ll be back…the recipes and ideas for different types of food creations for differing needs is amazing!

  2. tonettejoyce Post author

    Thak you! That is where we are aiming.People are too uncomfortable with entertaining and I hope to give different levels of time and skill to match people’s comfort levels. Come back!

  3. tonettejoyce Post author

    Thank you,Jo.I do hope you will be back;I have a lot to say(!). I will be doing an upcoming blog on spices, (and more on beans and grains).My husband says we are like Marco Polo, ass we travel far,(about 45 miles) , to an Indian market to get many of our spices and herbs. Such a fascinating place and I hope to become practiced in using more of them. If you cook at all, (I know you must host ),perhaps you would like to be a ‘guest blogger’ sometime? Consider it, and let me know.

  4. RubyShooZ

    I’m back, loving your blog. I wonder if you can recommend a decent webhosting site; or the one you use if you recommend it. I used to know just want I needed blog/writing wise but hoped I could find someone w/more recent experience.
    Thanks for the fantastic blog and thanks for being you!

    1. tonettejoyce Post author

      Thanks so much,Ruby! I would recommend here, WordPress.I am on two blogs, this and Four Foxes,One Hound,(I am the Friday Fox). I am hardly an authority, and WP has been very easy to use. “Blogger” has a few more controls for ‘adult’ sites and for authorization, but I am very happy with WP.
      I appreciate your support, as I have not really put as much time into it all as I should.Please let me know how you are doing, and come back soon!

  5. tonettejoyce Post author

    Thank you! We have many of the same tastes,I am just taking a different path, blog-wise. I will be following yours.I hope you find some thing interesting, even if I am ‘basic training’ here!
    I have writer friends who will be guest blogging; the first one is here today. I hope you check in when they are here.

  6. tonettejoyce Post author

    Oh, thanks, please do;(I share it with 4 other writers), and come back here.
    .I was enchanted with your blog;I love the sea although I have been landlocked for many years. Just this past week I took a large clam shell-style basket I had and made a display with beautiful shells in it for the main bathroom, which I have in a sea motif, I made a shell doorstop by filling a large pickle jar with bivalve shells and I put conch shells around the tall lighthouse night lamp I keep in the living room. I just had to check out your blog after I saw the name! Best wishes,

  7. Tonette Joyce Post author

    Cass,Thanks! I hope a have a little while on that…you have no idea how backed-up I am…I have walls half-painted and family arriving next week! I am thrilled and will get back with the award ASAP! Thanks again!

    1. Tonette Joyce

      I have you here now, Francesca! Thank you so much.I have been very negligent here.I think I have recuperated from all the house preparations and the guests for Thanksgiving and I’m ready to come back with much more!

    1. Tonette Joyce

      Howdy back at ya! We have a mutual nutjob, uh, friend, in Shelly (Enchanted Seashells).I’m glad to have found you.
      Hey, you aren’t very far from me;I’m in Central Kentucky,(Bardstown). I have a very dear friend near you in Dickson;Diane Davis.She used to be on WDKN radio and sings locally some times.She did a “Nashville” episode and worked in “The Identical”, one of the movies shot down there recently. Any chance you know her? I just passed through this summer; I know it is a huge place, but stranger things have happened.Diane and I went to school together outside of Washington, DC

    1. Tonette Joyce

      Thank you ,Fae; I do appreciate all of your support.I have been backed-up and am playing along, but I hope you understand that I really find the awards time consuming; I hate to ignore them and not acknowledge the consideration and support. So I have gathered all of them and am doing a string of blog posts, but This is going to be the last I play along with.I hope you understand.(If you saw the condition of my house, you would REALLY understand!)
      God bless and I hoe to keep seeing you.I enjoy your recipes and travels so much! I see the world vicariously through your posts!

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      Franny,I truly appreciate the though and consideration, but I simply find the awards,(as flattering and heartfelt as they are), to be very time consuming.I Really enjoy learning about blogging friends through the questions, etc, but I am so back-logged.Thank you anyway and I will be back visiting you.(I will add here the statement I made in my ‘Award” post. Please understand.I hate turning anyone down and I certainly will not ignore anyone who takes the time to grace my pages!
      Thank you,Franny, really.

  8. Cle

    I made a little “zapping” (if I can say it!) from blog to blog and here I am!
    Pleased to meet you!
    I read in this “bio” a great generosity which, I think, is a peculiarity of every great teacher!
    Read you soon!

      1. Cle

        Thank you! And if you wish to, you can visit my food blog too, my recipes are translated in English too, and… I am Italian (I noted your Italian roots!).
        See and read you soon

  9. Iris B

    Tonette! I’m here 😉
    I’ll have a browse through the recipes a bit later when I find my list of do’s and don’ts. Can’t remember them all 😦 …. and to be really really honest, I don’t want to browse and get hungry and then find out I can’t eat it.
    Anyway, kudos to you for this wonderful blog! Love what I’ve seen so far. We should have a recipe themed month in 2014!

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      Well, thank you ,Iris! I have no idea if you are a kitchen-person or avoid it like the plague , but I have something for everyone here.I try to make entertaining as simple as possible, whether it is knowing you can make a homemade soup , cater to an unexpected vegan visitor or find a place to have them sleep! Thanks for coming by!


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