Personal Emergency Preparedness/Gift Idea

In the previous five postings I discussed emergency preparedness from food to clothing, lighting and health care in general. I’d like to take this opportunity to advise you about being packed or semi-packed for an emergency, and what a thoughtful gift either a full travel bag or partial one makes. Although I normally consider the […]

Emergency Preparedness V; Extra thoughts

  This title is rather redundant to the blog, after all, my main point of doing these postings is trying to make and keep everyone ready for almost any situation. In the past few posts I have been discussing emergency preparedness, especially what to have on hand for power-outages. But having the supplies listed, (and […]

Emergency Preparedness IV; Storing supplies/Hosting

I have heard from a number of people, (some commented here), on how they had not realized how unprepared or vulnerable they are. We don’t need to panic or live in fear, I’d just like to see everyone be a little more comfortable in a power-outage, with or without extenuating problems,(extreme cold or heat, for […]

Emergency Preparedness III heating/lighting

So far, we have been talking about being prepared for an emergency food-wise. I’d like to continue that thought today and segue into heating and lighting. In previous posts on freezing foods,[September 2012 Archives], I mentioned that I have been pre-cooking most of the foods I place in the freezer. It makes for easier, quicker […]

Emergency Preparedness

[Please run through the subsequent posts in this series for many¬† easy tips that you may find helpful.] I know I have been negligent of this blog and those of my fellow bloggers.I am very sorry and have missed you,(you will be hearing from me). I had a few family ‘fires’ to put out, some […]