Audio Book Giveaway Winner


The winner is a regular supporter of mine, (her name was literally drawn out of a hat by my grandson), Charlie Louie of the beautiful cooking/travel blog “Hotly Spiced.”

Thanks to all of you who entered here and on my shared writers’ blog, “Four Foxes, One Hound”, here at WordPress.

I hope many of you check out “Dump Dinners Recipes” by Daniel Cook, read by Diane Davis, and continue to join me here for more food, friends, family.

2 thoughts on “Audio Book Giveaway Winner

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      I made all the pieces of paper uniform and folded the same way, but he felt around and felt around and pulled the one out with your name in it!
      Joe and I had a lovely time judging a regional Speech and Drama competition…Grandson’s school won as Middle School champions! Tonight we are celebrating our oldest son’s birthday and tomorrow we have the Superbowl.It is a very nice weekend, thank you! XXOO to you!


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