An Audio Cookbook Giveaway!

I hope 2016 is a great year for all of you! And as the first post for the new year, I have a prize to give away: An audio cookbook!

Dump Dinners Cookbook, by Daniel Cook, read by Diane Davis

Dump Dinners Cookbook, by Daniel Cook, read by Diane Davis

Dump Dinners Cookbook:30 Most Delicious Dump Dinners Recipes For Busy People, by Daniel Cook,(apt name!). This is a perfect book for those who are insecure in their ability to cook, for those who are just plain busy and fun for those who cook often.

It’s a good time of year here in North America for slow-cooker stews and soups, but I have found that in the Summertime,(for those of you in the southern hemisphere), slow cookers are indispensable as an alternative to heating up the house with your oven or and more comfortable than standing over a hot stove.

The recipes contained in this audio book are so simple, yet so complete! This is real food, real cooking, real easy! It is perfect for the theme of this blog, which strives to let you know that anyone can cook and entertain without a great deal of effort.

After the introduction, the recipes only last a few minutes each They are completely uncomplicated, and often contain suggested garnishes and a few other options,(of which any reader of my blog know I am very fond of sharing!) However easy, the recipes have often sophisticated flavors and are not only wonderful for yourself and your family, you would be proud to serve them to any guests you may want, or need, to feed. There is something for every taste, All-American, Latin, Asian, Italian and others, (including Hungarian and Russian.)

Although most are heavy on meat, it does contain vegetarian recipes. Anyone used to eating and working with recipes that include Quorn, tofu, seitan, ‘Tofurkey’ or vegetable-based meat substitutes can adjust most of the recipes by cutting back the cooking times, (usually by1/2- 3/4), and adding the meat substitutes near the end.(Dairy substitutes can be used for cheeses).
Many recipes are Gluten-free or can be adjusted easily.

The many delightful and inspiring recipes in this book are read in a clear, delightful voice, that of my long-time friend, Diane Davis.

Diane is a woman of many talents. She is a singer-songwriter who can rock you with pop, rock, country and jazz. She is an actress who has been in several feature films and TV shows. She is frequently featured in ads that cross the U.S. and into other countries. She has had several radio shows that were not only popular in her market, but were broadcasted internationally over the internet. She continues to do podcasts and interviews, which I never miss. Her voice talents have been utilized a very short time ago in one major motion picture, and more recently, in audio books, such as this. I know you will find her easy to listen to and to follow in the directions.

The contest is open world-wide, so I hope that some of you from the other 50(!) countries who visited me here at Food, Friends, Family in 2015 will stop to comment. That’s all it takes. Leave a comment and an email address where I can reach you if your name is drawn. In two weeks, February 4, 2016, I will place your names in a hat and have a family member of mine draw one out.
[If you are uncomfortable leaving an email address opened on the blog, please leave a comment below and then private message me on the blog Facebook page : Tonette Joyce:Food, Friends, Family with your email address, where no one else will see it.]

I am sure any of you would truly enjoy this cookbook. I bought it, ($2.99-3.99USD), and I am ready to cook!

Please enter!

(Diane is also an expert in needlework and sells her creations. She recently recreated in crocheted form the ‘star’ of a popular mystery book series, a cat, for its author. If that isn’t enough, she is a computer expert, a realtor and blogs on casinos!n


23 thoughts on “An Audio Cookbook Giveaway!

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      Thanks,R! I don’t see it up twice;(I added and amendment for those who may have gotten the wrong dates that I posted). I’ll take it down now. Where are the peole from 50 countries that WP said visited last year???)

  1. hotlyspiced

    The cookbook sounds great. This year I’m definitely going to add to my cupboard of appliances, a slow cooker – it’s long overdue. I like how the recipes in this cookbook aren’t too challenging – perfect for mid-week cooking xx

  2. frannystevenson

    Wow that’s a great idea! Time is one of my biggest enemy! My mum actually was moved by the situation and made me a nice present, the thermomix that is helping me a lot!
    You never have enough help for the lack of time!

  3. Bam's Kitchen

    Happy New Year to you Tonette! This audio tape would be great for listening in your car to gather some ideas for dinner creations. Will spread the word on social media. Take care

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      Thank you,Bobbi Ann! You can listen in the car to get inspired or remember to pick up ingredients, and then listen at home as you make it.I wondered about an e-cookbook, but this one is truly easy on the ears and easy to imagine.

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      They fell out of favor for a while, Lisa, but there is a resurgence with everyone being so busy all the time these days. They are wonderful to tenderize a cheaper piece of meat[pot roast], impart flavor throughout,[potatoes with a meatloaf],slow-cook to impart deep flavor,[BBQ, spaghetti sauce], and as I said, to keep the kitchen a little cooler.
      I’m glad you stopped in.

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  5. Patricia Kiyono

    I don’t cook, and hubby’s got his own way of doing things, but this sounds like an awesome wedding or shower gift! I used to love using my slow cooker.


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