Monthly Archives: April 2013

An Invitation

It’s been very hectic for me with Spring Break and grandkids everywhere!

I will be back soon with a new run on food, entertaining and being prepared, but I’d like to invite you to stop in at “Four Foxes, One Hound”:

And see my interview with author David Parmelee, with his new novel,The Sea Is a Thief.

David is my cousin’s husband,(so he falls under both ‘family and friend’ categories)…and I did not even know he had a book in the works!

“Four Foxes and One Hound” is a blog I share with four other writers,(one man, three women). We tell stories of our lives, talk about writing and introduce writers to readers. Although I am not a ‘romance’ writer, most there are. We have a lot of fun and I hope you drop in once in a while.

But stay tuned here; I hope to have David in as a guest here on Food, Friends, Family.

I hope to be back soon here with a series of  suggested by ‘the Hound” from 4Foxes, 1Hound.

I hope Spring has sprung for you!