REALITY Blog Award

reality-blog-awardThanks so much to both Fae [Fae’s Twist&Tango] and Lesley [ PlantBasedDietAdventures] for nominating me for this award.

I find blogging awards to be not only personally encouraging, but they also help to show our appreciation of fellow bloggers, and spread the word about other blogs.I have found bloggers to be always encouraging, helpful and supportive. I love finding new people with their ideas and lives from all over the world. You just ‘gotta’ love the Internet!


The rules of the award are:

1  Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3  Answer the same 5  questions presented.
4  Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify them on their blogs.
5  Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

The Questions:

1.If you could change one thing, what would you change?

I would like to see an end to all violence; War  is never an answer.

2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

None, if I could not know what I know now.

3.What is one thing that really scares you?

Selfish acts with disregard for the innocent who suffer because of it.

4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

There are a number of  ‘unsung songs’ in my life. I think getting  a few more things published  again,(it’s been a while) , is within reach.

5.If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

I was never vain, nor considered the beauty of the family, but now people are saying that my younger pictures are beautiful…go figure! I think, for ONE day…instead  of being the President,the Pope or the Dalai Lama,I’d like to be someone  with a  great figure.Forget about turning heads;I’d just like to stand in front of a three-way mirror all day and try on gorgeous clothes! (And I never thought I’d ever say anything so shallow!)

So, hopefully, my nominees will have some fun and receive encouragement .(If you have received this before,Friends,I apologize; but I was flattered. )

Here are a few nominees from me. There are so many to choose from! I will try to spread it around a bit. I hope you will check out each others’ blogs, and others  who visit them:

The Customs of Christmas

Enchanted Seashells

The Brave Cook…

The Clothes Line…

Arlen Shahverdyan

Tamara Leigh…

Food My Friend

Epicurean Eva…


Homemade With a Mess

Eclectic Lamb

Love To Cook…

Inspire and Indulge

Chef In Disguise

The Perky Poppy Seed….

The Healthy Flavor

Four Foxes,One Hound[I admit, this is self-serving; I am the “Friday Fox”, but there are 4 others who deserve to be checked-out!]

Let me add one more; I could not find her address until now:

A Taste of Wintergreen

Thank all of you for your great work, your fun  and your support!


24 thoughts on “REALITY Blog Award

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Congratulations Tonette! I have viewed most of the blogs you named and they are all superb!!
    I cannot wait to check out the ones I don’t know 🙂

    1. Tonette Joyce

      Glad to do it,Cass.We all help each other.I love the comraderie among bloggers!
      The kids in the pic are of my grandkids last year; I haven’t had them all together long enough to get a Christmas pic for this year!Thanks; I certainly think they’re cute! Thanks for coming in!

    1. Tonette Joyce

      I was thinking a few minutes ago that I hadn’t heard from you about it and maybe it got lost in cyberspace…no rush;I waited almost a month and got a second nom before I got on it!

      1. Tonette Joyce

        Oh, then I gladly step aside! Grab the Captain,Mrs.GreenJeans and don’t let Mr. Moose or Bunny Rabbit get in your way!
        [I keep thinking I’ll get caught up, and Kid-things keep getting in the way.I am awaiting a guest-blogger…and , it’s Christmas.Crazy, crazy! School will be out.One school concert down, one play down, one concert to go! But the baking is done!]

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