Thanksgiving/Cranberry Relish

Easy, beautiful and delicious!

Thanksgiving is coming here in the United States; Canada has already celebrated theirs.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the holiday, I will run through it quickly.
In 1620 a small but rigorous sect of Christians, the Puritans, set out from England to settle in what was the English colonies in Virginia in that is now the United States of America. A storm blew them very far off-course and they landed in what is now Massachusetts, hundreds of miles to the north of Virginia.
The people were ill-equipped to survive on their own. The weather was much harsher than they had expected, the local plants were unfamiliar, the ground was poor for growing and their muskets put shot into the game they did find and ruined most of the meat. They had little fishing skills.
They lost many of their numbers and the rest were ill after the first winter. Local Indians,(especially by the urging of Squanto, who had had some contact with Europeans),took pity on the Puritans. They taught them to hunt with bows and arrows to keep the meat free of shot. They showed them the local safe plants. They showed them how to enrich the soil with fish and, believe it or not, lobsters, which they never ate.
The following Autumn the Puritans had such a bounty of harvest they decided to have a feast to thank God and invited many of their Indian friends. The Indians brought game and surprise to the party; popcorn! They continued the tradition and eventually it has spread across the country and Canada.
Today nearly everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion observes Thanksgiving. It is a day of food, friends and family! Turkey is the traditional meat, sometimes served and eaten by people on Thanksgiving and no other day of the year. Many people eat pumpkin only in pie and only on or around Thanksgiving. Pity. Another food was, until recently, were cranberries.

This year I am in a bit of a rush; I am blogging on my two blogs ,posting on other blogs, writing, housework , de-cluttering and painting the walls in the main part of the house which I have put off for far to long. I need to do it THIS WEEK, so I can cook and prepare for Thanksgiving and relatives.

Today, however, I am participating inSupport for Sandy, Food Bloggers raising awareness of the continuing need for help in Hurricane Sandy’s destructive path. We have posted comfort foods on our blogs, ones we would like to take to victims of disasters.
[Please see my previous post]

I am also participating in a Thanksgiving-themed post on the blog :
I hope you join us on both, and enjoy!
Here is the recipe I am sharing: Cranberry Relish. It is beautiful; pictures do not do it justice!

Cranberry Relish:
1 lb. fresh, firm cranberries, washed and coarsely chopped
2/3 cup coarsely chopped Red Delicious (or other sweet apple)
½ cup finely chopped walnuts
½ cup peeled, chopped orange flesh (preferably Navel Orange)
1 Tbsp. fresh orange zest, finely chopped
2 Tbsp .granulated sugar (approximate)

(For all of the above I use a food processor. You may chop or grate).

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly but gently.(Adjust sugar ; the amount needed will depend on individual taste and the tartness of your apples and oranges)

This is delicious as a side dish, with plain hot or cold cereals. It can be used as a topping for custard or a holiday cheesecake.

I hope you try this and enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving/Cranberry Relish

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      I’m not sure there were any more Puritans in American YET, Steph, but there were thriving communities in Virginia already,(“I’m sure you have heard of Jamestown and Williamsburg…which is still a functioning, colonial-style community).Thanks for stopping by!

  1. stephwest

    I love the Thanksgiving story. I actually didn’t know that it was a separate group of Pilgrims that got blown off course trying to join the others. I had always assumed it was all of the Pilgrims that were in America. Thanks for the learning! 🙂

  2. hotlyspiced

    Thank you for posting the Thanksgiving story. I hadn’t heard its origins before. Thanksgiving is such a great day I wish we celebrated it here. I love the look of your relish. I wish we could buy fresh cranberries here. I have no idea why we can’t. It’s not as if we can’t get everything else xx

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      Oh,I’m so glad you liked the story;it’s a really condensed version, but gets the main points across. I know I have people who stop in from other countries, and I am thrilled to have you here! I wish you could get cranberries, but I will warn you, they are TART!(Hence the extra sugar).
      I suppose you could substitute darned-near any firm-fleshed fruit, or even vegetable in this.Sneaky way to get your vitamins!
      Thanks for dropping and and chatting,Charlie.

  3. Tonette Joyce Post author

    Oh, DO , Ashley , and let me know what you think.I tried something new today and will post it later or tomorrow…I stuffed chicken breasts with the relish and made a cranberry glaze! It is better than I hoped! Thanks for coming by and posting!

  4. Cass @foodmyfriend

    Thanks for the low down. All I know is that we have a big feast and Tylers Dad makes a big speech. We don’t do Thanksgiving in Australia but Tylers family are half American so it’s done every year. It’s such a fun day 🙂 I think I’ll make this relish, it looks like it would go very well with my cous cous salad too!

  5. Tonette Joyce Post author

    Cass,enjoy it; it is a great tradition here…food, friends, family,FUN! I do hope you all enjoy the recipe.I had one gal say she couldn’t get fresh cranberries in Australia…glad you can.
    As a matter of fact, this recipe,since it is served cold, is even more fitting for your Summer,(late Spring?) And you can impress the Americans with your knowledge of Thanksgiving history!
    Thanks for visiting; let me know how your holiday went!

  6. thisismeandfood

    I’ve been able to get fresh cranberries here ar christmas for the last few years and have made jelly, look forward to giving this a go – I think it would go well with a cheese board!
    Thanks for the story, I didn’t know anything about Thanksgiving

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      I THOUGHT it might be a good idea, as I have had people form other countries visit my blog, but I had no idea that it would go over so well.I am darned pleased with myself! So, no you can impress the neighbors if anyone mentions Thanksgiving and those crazy Americans!
      Indeed, the relish would go well on a cheese board with a water cracker,I’d think.Thank you so much for coming in and for your comments!

  7. petit4chocolatier

    Beautiful post! And I absolutely love the cranberry relish!

    Tonette, this is almost like my mom’s. I have been looking for the recipe since she passed and have been trying to create it. This is almost it with the orange rinds. She had a tool that gripped the side of the table and she would wind the handle making this. I have goosebumps right now because this is the recipe without the walnuts. I knew there were reasons why many of us have become our own community! This proves it : )

    Bookmarked it, definitely making it!!

    1. Tonette Joyce Post author

      We aim to please! I am so glad to help you;I actually made it without the walnuts last year because one of my guests cannot have nuts, but this year,I am not going to make him feel uncomfortable again,(once again,I over-did the concern and made him feel like I went too far out of my way), so this year,it has nuts, but there will be more for the guest and others to choose from.
      I LOVE the support from the community, which is why I took the time to spread the award. I thank YOU for always ‘being there’.I hope you enjoy the relish!


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