Hello, World!

I hope you join me  in this blog while I try to encourage a few pet projects to help. It has been my experience that  many people are simply at a loss when it comes to different foods, others with food restrictions or who are vegetarian/vegan, and many  are at a loss when it comes to easy entertaining and hosting.It really isn’t all that hard, and I would  love to help to make it easy for you to have fun.

Another pet project is getting people to tell their stories. When I was young and the family members gathered at my house for any occasion, or just when my parents were there, I would hear so many wonderful,( and not so wonderful), tales; they were all our stories. When I talk to people today, especially the young, they know nothing of their grandparents or their parent’s youth. Everyone has stories. Talk to  your oldest family members first.Learn about your people, whoever they are.

While I encourage questions, I am not set up to have a recipe board.There are many online magazines and food websites who would easily accommodate any you would wish to share , and you will more than likely get much more exposure!


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